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Loyal Loves His Grandpa

There’s A Meme In Here Somewhere

Thanks to @ElkoSteve for taking this photo.

This Is Our Life Now: 140 Diapers A Week

That’s twenty diapers a day. That’s a lot of butt changing.


Our friend Ann sent me an email a few weeks ago and casually asked for my address, saying she had a book to send to the boys. And indeed, we got a package in the mail. I saw the size of the box and I tried not to get too excited that maybe, maybe, there […]

Operation Thunder Babies: Life With Twins, Month Two

Okay, so yes, I’m still here. Meaning, I exist, as a “person” in the “world,” though I haven’t been in front of my computer, much less on the “internet.” Because, you know. Babies. Two of them. I was about to write an inventory of my whole day, but then I got exhausted and bored just […]