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Avoiding Tacky Plastic Baby Toys: Making A Homemade Baby Gym

For the past two or three years, Dave and I have spent a lot of time downsizing and getting rid of stuff we don’t need. I’ve written about this quite a bit. Part of our plan to stay downsized was to avoid buying more stuff. It seems obvious, right? Get rid of crap. Then, don’t […]

“It Gets Easier.”

I hear this often. When I tell someone I have twin newborns, I get sympathetic, earnest looks and encouragement:  “It gets easier.” I believe this must be true, that it will get easier, at some time, some point in the future. Wait, no I don’t. I was told it gets easier when the babies get […]

Hi Papa! 10.18.12

Mama’s not really getting any work done.

Ridiculous Babyfest: New Cousins

My sister came up for a visit over the weekend and she brought her unbelievably cute daughter Elli. See? Fricken cute as hell. She was fascinated by the littler babies. She stared at them and smiled. She patted them and grabbed their hands and tried to eat them. Our guys are still a bit young to […]

Hi Papa! 10.12.12