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Hi Papa! 1.23.13

This is the reason why people have babies, right? Also. I left the room for five minutes, and somehow, Loyal found a way out of his pants. The kid does not like pants.

Skiing Mt Hood

I have lived in Oregon for five years, as of yesterday. In that amount of time, I had not gone skiing. In the beginning, it was because I didn’t have the greatest health insurance, and if I broke something, it would be stupid. Later, I realized I was just getting older, and my need for […]

Breastfeeding Travails: Pumping My Boobs Sucks Ass

This is a post about boobs. And not about sexy boobs. This is a post about milky, leaky boobs. If you’re not into that sort of thing, feel free to back away slowly and pretend you didn’t mean to come in here. Me and all the other leaky boob people will pretend we didn’t see […]

Boys, Let Me Handle This

This past weekend, my sister and her family visited for a belated holiday gathering. And the cousins were reunited. Elli is a few months older than our guys, plus Cask and Loyal were five weeks early. So they are not quite as advanced as their cousin. Having Elli visit means we got to see where […]

Twin Boys. Six Months. Holy Crap.

Since having babies, I always scrutinize other peoples’ babies to see how much bigger they are. We have friends with twin boys that are a month older than our guys. And I looked at their babies and thought, Our boys will never get that big! I saw monstrous chubby kids, drooling and smiling and screeching […]