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I’m Partial, But Our Babies Are Fricken Adorable

Did I mention that our nanny is a photographer? Did I mention that she is awesome? Through the course of the day, she sends me photos of the guys. There are times I feel like I might just burst because THE CUTENESS. All photos by Xilia. I’m telling you, seeing these little faces gets me […]

Mary Fricken Sunshine

I had been contemplating writing about parenting and judgy-ness. I have been thinking about “judgement” for a while, and the sport we make of it. It’s a national past time. Someone, somewhere, is doing something wrong. And boy, someone, somewhere else, is pissed about it. I’m no different. I have opinions. The other day, I […]

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago, I was new in Portland, and I met a guy for a beer. Not to sound like a ridiculous cheesy cheeseball, but I was in a new city, I had just gotten a job, I had just moved into my own apartment and it felt like the world was full of possibility. […]

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Back To Work I Go

I got a job. I mean, a job away from home. I was sort of, maybe, perhaps, thinking about going back to work, but I figured it was going to take me a long time to find a job that would suit our purposes. I wanted a job that I would enjoy, otherwise it wouldn’t […]

Our Boys Like To Eat

Ignore, if you can, my voice. This is the voice I use to talk to the babies. All day long. Every day. I imagine it will not be much longer before my voice is frozen like this and my “baby voice” becomes the only way I know how to speak. We are reading Baby Led […]