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Magic For Sale

Have I mentioned our nanny is a photographer? Do you want to tell me to shut up already? But do you see these photos? You SEE these little faces? I’m mentioning it again because Xilia is running a special on photo shoots for the next few weeks. And I cannot recommend her enough. She is […]

Nine Months, And A New Family Member

Our twin boys are nine months old. I know they are getting bigger, but I am somehow surprised whenever they achieve new milestones. Or when they learn something new. Or when their babbles start taking on a conversational articulateness. I see them getting bigger, but my inside reaction is always, “They don’t stay this way forever?” […]

Baby Giggles

Need a good laugh? Here you go. I wasn’t doing anything tremendously amusing. Just making faces. For some reason right then, it was the funniest thing in the world. Thanks, kid.