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Kitties and Babies: Symbiotic Relationships

Here is our kitty. Her name is Chicken. That pink ball next to Chicken is her “kitty fatso ball.” You see, Chicken’s previous owner said she was a picky eater. She would only eat raw food, and wouldn’t touch anything else. But she also begged for food constantly. I took this into consideration as we […]

Hi Papa! 7.30.13

I used to be a baby, Papa! Remember that?

A Camper! Fuck Yeah!

When I get chilled, my nose freezes. No, it really does freeze. Like ice. It freezes off. And then I have a blank spot in the middle of my face. Are you letting that image settle in your brain?┬áBut then my nose grows back like a starfish leg or a polliwog tail or whatever. I’m […]

Hi Papa! 7.19.13

Another example of how babies and kitties are similar. They both like to pretend boxes are Porches and speed around the room in them. Vrooooom!

Hi Papa! 7.16.13

Look how little we were a year ago! We were just little blobby dudes. Can’t believe it’s been a year, already! I wonder how many thousands of times you’ve changed our butts?