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I Suppose They’ll Work It Out In Therapy

I am enjoying the chillier weather because we were able to break out the bunny suits. I guess these are dinosaur suits. Really, Ma? Really? Yes. I am cute. But you are ridiculous. Can we just go and get this over with?

I’m Not Kidding About The Goddamn Leaf Blowers

It’s autumn. I get it. Trees, leaves, wind, decorative motherfucking gourds, all that. I like autumn. I do. I like leaves, too! They’re pretty as hell this time of year, and they’ve been exceptionally pretty this season. I’ve loved taking the boys for walks and pointing out all the different colors. I’ve given the boys […]

Internet, Tell Me What To Do

So, I hate sweating. Sweating, as in the moisture one creates while exerting oneself. On those extra warm days we had in the summer, I hesitated to go out because, you know, it was WARM. And SUNNY. And the possibility of breaking a sweat grossed me out. No thank you, beautiful summer day. I’m going […]

Air Travel With Twins: It Sort Of Sucks

We’ve taken the boys on two trips involving airplanes. Both times, the anticipation of chaos, gnashing of teeth and full-on armageddon made travel stressful. Dave hates air travel even without babies. So with our twin boys, plus Dave, I clenched my jaw and tried to remain the only sane person in the world. THE WHOLE […]

Trying Not To Laugh

Our guys are fifteen months old. They are spastic little imps. That phrase popped out of my mouth recently. Someone asked me how the boys were doing and that is what I blurted out. “They are spastic little imps.” They have been screaming lately. Babies like to yell, right? They are testing their voices, making […]