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I arrived yesterday. When I got here, it was SUNNY! There were big puddles on the ground, and big clouds in the sky, but the sun cast long, sharp shadows. I was assured that Monday was like the watery apocalypse. And today is socked-in with fog.

I’d post a photo here, but no amount of pre-panning and careful packing will cause my camera USB cable to be here with me right now. Dagnamit. I am waiting for the day when EVERYTHING will be wireless. Cameras to computers, Ipods to Itunes, batteries to wall sockets. I want to just walk by an electrical outlet and my phone, camera, computer are magically charged.

Today, I’m going to try to get some breakfast at some local cafe with amazing coffee, go to the Japanese Gardens, NW 23rd (the cool, hip street with all the hipsters and stuff going on.) And go to the Pearl District. And Powell’s Books. I’d post a photo here, but well, you know.

But just to keep you all from being completely disappointed I will be walking down Salmon Ave today. So:

yummy salmon


  1. Great salmon!

  2. WOW! I didn’t know that the puddles were so deep that it had SALMON jumping out of it! ;-P

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