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I’m A Non-Confrontationist

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I believe I have mentioned that I don’t have a TV, for various reasons. This is good, because I waste enough time as it is. I really don’t have the time to screen-lick Jon Stewart as much as I inevitably I would if I owned a TV. I have enough books to read, and organizing, and cleaning, and crochet projects, and oh, I wonder what’s on the intertubes…?  Kitties! Baby animals! Good bye, 4 to 6 hours!

I don’t have a TV. So I have been missing out on a large part of the campaign ads. I think anyone who’s been keeping up-to-speed would say I’m better off, but I find them fascinating when I do see them. Since I get all my news off the internet (sometimes NPR, if I don’t hit the snooze button too many times) I hear a lot of criticism and reaction to campaign ads. I may be a little dim, but I’m beginning to get the feeling that Democrats and Republicans don’t like each other.

This election has completely whipped us into a rabid frenzy. Facts are subjective and are stretched, misconstrued, or disregarded as needed. Whoever shouts the loudest wins. Does it seem like we couldn’t get any lower? We can. We will. We have devolved completely into shit-throwing howler monkeys.

What bothers me the most is that many, many people are less concerned about the greater good and the direction of this country, than being outraged and seething and spitting venom at the perceived opponent. It’s the kind of hatred you’d reserve for a mortal enemy. The one who shot your dog. Not your fellow citizen. It’s disheartening.

I have the luxury of being fairly disengaged. I intentionally block it out. It doesn’t mean I’m not passionate. There are many issues that I care about deeply. But I just can’t bear to witness the lack of civility and impassioned ignorance of the mobs. We have become unthinking mobs.

I am absolutely the furthest from being a Palin supporter. Do I think she is a cynical, pandering choice for VP candidtate? You betcha. But do I want to see videos of her and her daughter being booed at a hockey game?  Nope.

But I’d screen-lick Tina Fey also: “Are we not doing the talent portion?”


  1. Is this coming from the same woman who flipped off the TV screen yelling “FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!” every time the camera came on George W. Bush during the 2004 debates?

    Or the same woman who Tivo’d coverage of Dick Cheney’s face-shooting expedition and played it over and over again for her guests?

    Where’s Chuck Barris? I’m hittin’ the gong.

  2. I am NOT a monkey, Robbb! You must be thinking of someone else! How much did I drink that night..? I don’t even remember it.

    Do you remember the Dick Cheney Face Shooting episode of the Daily Show? Absolutely CLASSIC.

  3. Gawd, Tina Fey cracks me up doing Palin! Yeah, scary stuff going on. And not for the right reasons. We get to see who aims below the belt, and the view ain’t pretty. About to get interestinggggggg

  4. That “Daily Show” episode was exactly what I was talking about. You saved that episode for like 2 weeks, and cracked up every time you played it back like it was the first time you’d seen it.

    Here’s the thing: when that bitch gets up there and accuses my candidate of “palling around with terrorists,” I RELISH hearing my Philly paisanos boo her down. And I don’t care how many children of the corn are with her either. She holds ’em up at rallies like the fucking Lion King? Then they better dodge when the tomatoes start flying.

    We’re up against people who’ve cleaned our clock for over 10 years by fighting below the belt. I don’t condone stooping to their level, but I don’t have any remorse about bloodying them up at this point either.

    Confrontation is the name of this game. And if it takes a few drinks for you to locate your inner piranha again, then the first round’s on me.

  5. Ya know – you can watch Jon Stewart online. Entire episodes not just clips.

  6. amen sister!!! oh, by the way… you can get a nasty shock licking your TV screen. don’t ask me how i know.

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