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Little Peanuts, Their Names and WTF Moments

Holy crap, babies are awesome.

So is my husband.

Dave has taken such good care of us all. I had a few days of being pretty helpless, and Dave did everything for me. This whole birthing thing has laid waste all my personal dignities. All different parts of my body have been hanging out, leaking, or causing me incapacitating pain. I have leaned on Dave in ways I never thought I’d have to lean on another human being. I am so, so thankful for him.

And we are both, so, so, in love with these guys.

Here’s Cascadian eating lunch.

Here’s Loyal.

His little face makes me weak in the knees. That’s my giant hand in there, just to give you an idea of how little this guy is. He hasn’t lost as much of his birth weight, but he’s still just over 4 pounds. He’s tiny.

So their names. Loyal was Dave’s Dad’s name. Before we were even married, Dave had alerted me that should we ever procreate, he was going to name our kid Loyal. I am glad that Dave’s dad had such an unusual name, and I love that Loyal has some heritage with Dave and his family.

For Astor, it was because of our love for Astoria. We were married in Astoria, and our kids were “made” there. We originally thought both kids would get Astor for a middle name.

For the second name, we struggled for a while. Loyal was unconventional and had heritage, which we loved. I wanted to also honor my own dad, his name being Donald. I didn’t think Donald fit for a first name, so we spent some time thinking about unconventional names, names that had meaning to us, and names that simply sounded nice with Loyal.

We went with Cascadian because that is what he is. And we do love where we live. And pretty much no one has named their kid Cascadian.¬†We’ve taken to calling him “Cask.” We aren’t sure which nickname will stick permanently. But it could be Cas, Caz, Cask, Cade, etc.

I will try to start relating all the different experiences we’ve had since they were born. And I’ll write the actual delivery story. For now, we are dealing with “small baby” issues. They aren’t “premies,” and have not had to spend any time in the NICU. But they are “late pre-term.” There are some basic issues that come with having been born early.

They need to be able to suck down their own food. They need to keep their temperature stabilized. They need to keep their blood sugar above a certain level. Etc. I’m not naming everything, but for the most part, they are doing very well. In some areas, they need a little help.

Loyal kept getting chilly the other day, so he was double swaddled and he got a warmer hat to wear. Which lead to this first “WTF?” moment.

I just can’t even stand how cute he is. I CAN’T STAND IT.


  1. They are absolutely adorable! I’m sure I speak for the entire internet when I say we’re all in love with them too!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!! :D

  2. Love those precious peanuts!

  3. Heather & Dave. Congratulations on your beautiful little men! All my best thoughts & prayers are with you all for an amazing life & future together. Hugs to you Heather & so glad everyone is healthy & safe.

  4. Meredith says

    Loyal looks sooo much like Dave! I was happy to check your site & see some open eyes. They’re so cute & lucky to be born to you guys!

  5. Holy cuteness overload x2. Wow. Just wow.

  6. i cannot wait until one of these little boogers says “WTF?…” having no clue to the actual meaning, just saying it cuz mom says it. i can picture your face, heather, heh-heh, that’ll be a funny funny moment. so glad everyone is well. and dave IS a rockstar.

  7. I can’t stand how cute he is either! You are killin’ me. Great updates. Take care. xoxo

  8. Pat McSheffery says

    AMAZING! So thrilled….elated….joyeous….etc for all of you. AND Thanks for sharing!

  9. See you later this a.m. with that idwc mocha!

  10. So absolutely amazing. These two awesome creatures sure lucked out to have such amazing parents. congratulations all around! They are too perfect.

  11. oh, so precious. they are just the cutest little yous that could possibly be.

  12. Eeeeeeeeeeep! That pic of little Loyal kills me. Seriously, too damn cute. Happy to hear everything is going well. Congrats!! :D

  13. Cute babies! Nice job.

  14. Good work, you two! (Am very familiar with the ‘can’t quite leave until you can eat for yourself’ drill…)

  15. Jean Ricci says

    I am so stinking happy for you guys…. (ya know me being a twin and all) So I guess this isn’t the time to ask if you”ve read Fifty Shades of Grey, lol… seeing you have 2 beautiful boys. .(Kidding That was for your mom, yes Kathy I have read them all…) the names are perfect, as are the babies…i like different names….
    Be happy and remember sleep when they sleep….

    Love to you both…

  16. Christa Gaylord says

    Congratulations again you two! They are just adorable!

  17. Aaahhhmigadahmigadahmigadahmigad! Etc.

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