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Some Baby Updates

It’s been eight days since the babies were born. I am still in the hospital. Not because I need to be. I was discharged on Wednesday. But the boys still need to be here. And because I am a breastfeeding mom, I was given the option to stay at the hospital with them. I got to keep the room at L&D, they bring me meals, and the boys stay in our room while under the care of the nurses and doctors.

I had no idea what to expect, coming to the hospital. I knew I would deliver babies. I knew I would stay for a couple nights if I had a vaginal birth. I had a c-section and some other pregnancy related complications, so I was a patient for six days. But beyond the vague concept of “staying at the hospital,” I didn’t really know what to expect.

It turns out, this has been a fantastic experience. Realize, I am saying this as someone who has BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL FOR EIGHT DAYS. The boys see pediatricians daily, who give us updates on their growth and recommend treatment. All the doctors have been wonderful. Except one joker who tried to tell me there was once a Pope named Cascadian, and there was probably a whole branch of Greek history involving the name Cascadian that maybe we should research.

The nurses, holy good lord, each one of them have been amazing. In the rotation of 12 hour shifts over eight days, we’ve gotten so many wonderful people helping our boys, it nearly makes me weepy. There are women who have worked here for more that 35 years. They all have different little tricks they’ve shared for taking care of babies. And they all seem to love their jobs.

I can’t express how much this time in the hospital is going to help us when we finally go home. I feel a hundred times more confident holding and feeding our tiny babies. There’s a lactation consultant that comes around every day and shows me how to use my boobs, even with the slow start I got from my own recovery.

Dave has been able to go to work while I hang out at the hospital with our kids, thereby saving much needed PTO days for when we are home. The nurses help me feed the babies during the day, and Dave returns to the hospital at night.

I had no idea that this would be our experience. If I sound gushy about this, it’s because it’s been really fucking awesome. I am so, so, so thankful for all the nurses who have been helping us. I seriously get a little weepy thinking about it.

And now, some goddamned cute baby photos.

I know the internet can only handle so many baby burrito photos. But come on. We’ve been in the hospital for over a week. We aren’t working with much scenery.

Here’s Loyal flapping his hands in his daddy’s arms.

And here’s Cask giving you bedroom eyes.

We have a few more days at least in the hospital. We’ve been through some jaundice issues with Cask, and some temperature issues with Loyal. Both of these issues are now resolved. Loyal is back up to his birth weight. Cask is almost there. But we don’t know when we are coming home.

Loyal now needs to learn how to eat. He’s a little booger at feeding time. He usually sleeps through the first half of his bottles, then drops off completely. But sometimes, after 20 or 30 minutes of pokey eating, he brightens up and chugs the rest of his bottle. We haven’t figured out why he does this, or why it only happens some of the time. But until he eats lustily and within a reasonable amount of time, we’ll be at the hospital.

It feels like it’s going to take forever. As much as I am thankful for all our experiences under the nurses’ care, we want to go home.


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  2. In that last picture of Loyal he looks so much like Dave! You have little Daves! SO happy for you!

  3. Wow! That last pic looks like his Grandpa Loyal… Amazing! :). Also, I LOVED being in the hospital after having my babies… Room service, janitorial service, and awesome nurses all around. I always opted to stay until they kicked me out. Enjoy all that great help while you have it. You have some major cuties there. :)

  4. so glad this is a positive experience for you. every nurse i talk to says maternity nurses are the happiest, brightest folk. babies are looking good. take care of you. huge hugs and kisses.

  5. Great to hear the Update Heather! Glad you all are doing well and the babies are recovering. We are thinking of you two…er I mean four, gotta get used to that one. ;^)

    Cheers! L&T

  6. Great photos! Cask and Loyal are going to be gorgeous people with lots of sensitivity and humor – like their parents! See you soon – BIG love.

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