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Home, Feeding Babies and Thank You v2.0

Okay, so we’re home. All four of us. We are a family of four. FOUR. I don’t know how this happened.

Dave and I are both home and we are getting adjusted to round-the-clock feedings, 12, 3, 6, 9, am and pm. Right now, it’s a two person job. Cascadian starts complaining a half hour before feeding and tries to eat his own hands. I’ve seen him try to eat his brother’s head, also. But the great thing about that boy is that he sucks down his milk like a champ. At three in the morning, getting food into this kid in ten minutes feels like winning the goddamned lottery.

Loyal, being smaller, is much more pokey when eating. In the hospital, we fretted when it took 45 minutes to an hour to bottle feed him. Sometimes he wouldn’t finish at all. He would simply zonk out in the middle of his bottle. Once in a while, the nurses needed to finish feeding him with a tube down into his stomach.

But then, Loyal had moments where he positively gulped down his food, rivaling his brother. We could hear big, giant swallows, like the way Dave drinks his beer. After 20 to 30 minutes of dishearteningly slow eating, he sometimes perked up and polished off a bottle at astonishing speed. Like it was a Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

As he’s gotten bigger, Loyal is still a slower eater, and sometimes he seems to sleep through his entire meal. But the super slow, agonizing feeds seem to be behind him. He now usually finishes within half an hour, and sometimes much sooner.

The quicker we get food into these boys, the more calories they conserve, and the more they gain weight.

I pump after each feeding to have some breast milk ready for the next chow wagon. Until my milk comes in, we bottle the pumped milk and top off with formula. I’m producing enough to feed one kid. We are practicing at breastfeeding, but it may be a while before I’m able to breastfeed exclusively. It seems like maybe I ought to feel weird about writing about my boobs on the internet. But I’m sort of not.

Boobs, internet, boobs.

The ultimate goal would be to breastfeed both at the same time. I am keeping an open mind, but I honestly have to say, it seems like an insurmountable goal. I know women have been able to breastfeed twins by themselves. And I have to go find those stories. I’ll need to get educated and I’ll need support. We are considering hiring a post partum doula. I’ll need a cheering squad to keep my morale up.

Go, boobs, go!

Finally, I have to thank all the friends who have brought us food and meals since we’ve been home. And all the friends who are lining up and picking days to bring over dinner. I just…I can’t thank you all enough. I never expected all of this support, and it has been such a huge help. The hours between feedings, each only one and a half to two hours, have become precious, and we scarf down food when we can. So to have a parade of friends bringing us meals has been an absolute life saver.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all. If I could, I’d sloppy french kiss you all, with lots of tongue, but in a totally platonic “just friends” sort of way.

Thank you.


  1. beckyjopdx says

    Platonic swoon. I want to hug you and help you but still stay out of your way. you’re doing so good!!! hugs hugs hugs.

  2. Aww, you made such darling little monkeys! Nice job!
    Boobs are fickle. Try to be patient with them. I could feed Trent fine, but never could pump. :( So if you’re able to pump, congrats!

  3. From one MoM (mother of multiples) to another, nursing twins is hardest in the first three months. It hurts, they’re doing it all the time, you’re already exhausted, etc., etc. I set myself small goals of nursing on demand for one month, then three months, then six… soon I’d made it to 2.5 years and beyond. The thing is that once you get past six months it is SO much easier to be nursing than to be bottle-feeding.

    Also, I tried to make those hours when I was sitting with the nursing pillow around me more enjoyable by reading aloud to the boys, eating chocolate-covered walnuts, writing a book with my husband (It never went anywhere, but it was good bonding for us).

    You’ve had a rough start with your birth, so be kind to yourself. Make sure you eat well, sleep as much as you can and get yourself up and walking (it took me more than a month to be able to get around Target). As long as you take care of yourself and keep letting those kids suckle, your milk will come in and they’ll be gulping to keep up.

  4. oldsweng says

    As you know, it is most important the boys get the nourishment they need whether it be from breast or some other source. My mother had problems producing enough breast milk for one baby (me) and it caused permanent physical damage before the doctors caught on to what was happening. She had been brought up that she wasn’t a proper mother if she didn’t breastfeed so she was just trying to be the best mother she could. Sixty years later you are part of a generation which is much better informed with support systems to help when problems arise.

  5. Dori Strom says

    Well I am in Sunriver right now but will be coming to Portland on Friday…I was hoping I could come by on Friday night or Saturday some time….let me know. I can’t wait to meet my new nephews:) Love you guys!!!

  6. It took my cousin almost 3 weeks before her milk came it – just keep at it – it will happen! I went back to work at 6 weeks so we did bottle and breast and then I stopped working at 6 months and just breast fed – I can honestly say it was so much easier not having to clean bottles, pump, etc – and when you go somewhere the food is already packed – yeah boobs! The nipples will be tender the first month or so – but it is totally worth it so hang in there!

  7. Thanks for your support about the boobs, all. I’m going to take it step by step, getting production up, then breastfeeding (during the day at least) and finally, trying to breastfeed both at the same time. Clearly, I’ll take any opportunity to talk about my boobs, so I’ll likely blog my progress.

  8. hire the doula. if you get “down” everything is that much harder. like everyone on here says… take advantage of what is offered to you, and what is available. love you.

  9. Aunty Laurie says

    IT Just Blows my Mind to see you with Babies!!!! HOLY SHIT, LOVE IT!!!! Carrying on the twin tradition! Did I mention it is your Mom’s Fault you had Twins? Can’t Remember if I did, and it’s a Moot point anyway!!! Hahahaha ENJOY!!

  10. Motherhood really agrees with you – you look absolutely blissful! :). Hiring a lactation consultant to come to our house saved us hundreds or more on formula. Hang in there,.. If you can get past the first 6 weeks, it gets so much better. Can’t wait to meet your new little men. :)

  11. > I’ll need a cheering squad to keep my morale up.

    How about this? (Dave can help you with the melody.)

    BOOB ONE: So who are we?
    BOOB TWO: So who are we?
    G1: We are the boobs! / G2: We are the boobs!
    G1: We’re from Westmoreland
    and we’re here to make some milk!
    G2: Make some milk!
    G1: For our boys! / G2: For our boys!
    G1: And you will see! / G2: And you will see!

    All: We’re gonna suck and roll and cry for victory!
    And when we do… you’ll know that milk
    Came from the Nipple End Little Portland Boys
    Oh Rose City, oh Rose City
    This is our team, the mighty C-D-L-A!

  12. Just saw this. Congratulations! It’s so wonderful that you have great support. I’m looking forward to poking around and reading more.

    Yippee! Babies and boobies!

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