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Two Years

Today is my two year anniversary of being married to Dave. We still like each other. Being married to Dave is pretty awesome.

But here’s the nutty thing: For each of our anniversaries, we could have never guessed at what the coming year would hold for us. Last year, we were jobless loafers taking a creative sabbatical in Astoria. We had just started talking about maybe starting a family.

Damned if we aren’t efficient. This year, we moved back to Portland, Dave got a job, and I birthed some babies. Twelve months ago, we had no idea any of those things might happen.

Looking ahead to this year, we will be watching our little men start smiling, crawling around, and walking. And drooling, eating things they find on the floor, and crapping themselves. Well, they are already crapping themselves. A bunch. I imagine there will be continued voluminous crappage in our future.

We are going to take the twins out to do all the dorky stuff Dave and I love to do. We’ll go camping, go to the coast, go to festivals and events. We’ll go to Timber matches, we’ll drink beer. Perhaps we may also try to get some sleep. Maybe.

I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.



  1. It’s been a fantastic 2 years, I love you!

  2. So sweet!! I’m so happy for all 4 of you…those are some lucky babies!

  3. You guys are awesome. When there are lame events in love, I like to remember that their are couples like you in the world. Happy 2!!

  4. Dori Strom says

    Happy Anniversary! I am so grateful to have a sister & brother-in-law like you two! Now I just need a family picture to put on my wall;)

  5. Happy, happy anniversary! Happy for your family. Happy for each one of you. We love you guys!

    Completely relate to your thoughts on the past and coming year. This coming year should prove to be, at the very least, interesting.

  6. Gratz to you guys! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already. Seems like just yesterday Dave was internet-stalking you.

  7. Happy Anniversary!

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