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Our friend Ann sent me an email a few weeks ago and casually asked for my address, saying she had a book to send to the boys. And indeed, we got a package in the mail. I saw the size of the box and I tried not to get too excited that maybe, maybe, there might be a quilt in there.

You see, Ann is a quilter. But, she’s not just a quilter. She is an amazing quilter. Like, famous. She is like the Bruce Springsteen of quilters. And like Springsteen, men and women throw their panties at her, she is just that good.

As promised, inside the box was a book.

It’s a gorgeous, lush story, with a lovely message of growth, courage and adventure. The illustrations are enchanting.

I can’t wait to read this book to my boys.

And also in the box, was not one quilt, but TWO. And also, a wonderful note from Ann.

Dear “Made in Astoria,”

Welcome to the world! You’ve arrived in an interesting place, and at an interesting time, and your lives will surely be enriched as a result.

Enclosed are a few things for your future adventures. The book, “Swimmy” is a great story of friendship. I’m betting your parents will read it to you many times, please don’t chew it up before they have a chance to do so.

As a way to celebrate your true hometown, Astoria, the enclosed fish quilts seemed appropriate. These are boy quilts – meant to be used. Drag them on the floor and through the mud. Play on them. Built forts with them. Spill beer on them during boys night out (ok, maybe not yet). Poop on them (more likely). Cuddle under them when you go to sleep at night. Hide under them and read books with a flashlight. They are yours to grow with and to take along on adventures. Show them to your first serious girlfriends (guaranteed to make any girl’s heart melt). Take them with you to college to remind you of home. If you find you need a new quilt, let me know. I’ll make another…

I was speechless, unfolding these quilts. They are works of art. Gorgeous.

The boys felt right at home.

Despite Cask’s look of concern below, he is enjoying himself.

No, I promise.

In addition to the two quilts, Ann included two mini quilts for easy travel, with a soft minky fur on the undersides. So they will have something to cuddle with in car seats and strollers.

What treasures! I am stupendously grateful.

Ann’s gift has reminded me of all the other gifts and well wishes we have received from friends and family, and we are endlessly thankful. These are lucky, lucky boys. And we are lucky parents to have some many wonderful people in our lives.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And please go visit Ann’s site. Her quilts are amazing works of art.

(Also I made her website).



  1. Sabrina miller says

    Wow…just wow!! Those quilts are absolutely amazing! The note made me cry and made me realize that I want my Jack to have fun with his quilt my cousin made just as she said. Such lucky parents we all are to have these little treasures and such tremendous friends and family in our lives.

  2. Those are GORGEOUS!! I never knew how useful a quilt was until I received one for Elli. They’re great for play time. And to have them so beautiful!

  3. amazing works of art. she must love you both very much.

  4. suzanne andrews says

    The quilts are gorgeous!! My son received one when he was born and he did just as Ann suggested…he took it everywhere, drug it through the mud, made forts and would not go to sleep without it. After being repaired numerous times, it just wore out and I finally had to get rid of it. Thankfully I took lots of pics with him and the quilt.

    The boys are getting so big! I’m glad that everyone is doing well. I look forward to reading your next post!

  5. Beautiful! Wow! Love the themes, so Astoria.

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