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This Is Our Life Now: 140 Diapers A Week

That’s twenty diapers a day.

That’s a lot of butt changing.


  1. This photo, by the way, is my desktop wallpaper.

  2. Oh! And as Dave points out, we usually run out of diapers before the week is over. So we use more like 150 to 160 a week. Poopy butts!

  3. But they are pretty darned cute butts, right?

  4. you need to invent a harness that holds them securely a just allows the doodoo to run off into a pail of water, and then an automatic arm comes out and wipes. oh, a bidet!! y’all need to suspend them over a bidet…

  5. Aunty Laurie says

    I can’t believe those big rectangles fit on those Little Butts!!! It must be like Origami Butt Changing!!!!

  6. And you do it all cloth stylee?! *faint*

    • We actually really like the cloth diapers. We thought it would be a hassle, and were prepared to make that sacrifice in order to be smug hipster greenie liberal bastards.

      But as it turns out, cloth diapers have not been much more of a hassle than disposables. The BIG reason is that we are using a service. They drop off clean diapers, we fill them with poo and drop them in a bag. No rinsing or washing. They pick up the poopy diapers. Could not be easier.

      If we were washing ourselves, I’d be singing a different tune, probably. I wrote about it a while ago, before the babies came:

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