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Ridiculous Babyfest: New Cousins

My sister came up for a visit over the weekend and she brought her unbelievably cute daughter Elli.

See? Fricken cute as hell.

She was fascinated by the littler babies. She stared at them and smiled. She patted them and grabbed their hands and tried to eat them.

Our guys are still a bit young to understand what was going on. So they appeared to be in an constant state of Huuuuh? Whuuuut?

It was neat to see what development stage Elli was in, so we have an idea what to expect in two or three months. Lots of smiles and foot chewing.

In keeping with our vow to take our kids to all the wholesome dorky stuff we enjoy, we took all the babies to the Apple Fest.

The babies liked it okay.

Loyal still looks tiny, but he’s almost ten pounds! He’s getting to be a big boy. He looks tiny because my face is twenty pounds.

Come on. Look at that little face. COME ON.

What cuties.

I was glad my sister was able to come to the Apple Tasting with us. This is an event that will get more fun as the babies get older. We tasted all 55 varieties of apples, and Dave tasted a number of varieties of cider.

The weather was ferocious for part of the trip, but we were happy to stay indoor and play with babies.

Because, come on. Babies.





  1. Those last pictures are amazing. In the end it just looks kind of like a baby pile, which sounds equal parts horrifying and adorable.

  2. I should have gotten your pictures too. Elli can’t wait to go back!

  3. Had a lot of fun seeing these babies online and off, they will grow up fast and still be cute as toddlers and kiddos!

  4. Awesome pics! Cousin’s are always our first friends I’m told…looks like this old meme holds true! :^)

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