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Into The Woods

It’s Election Day. What luck, that when I booked a cabin on the coast weeks ago, I didn’t realize we’d be in the woods on Election Day. We are going to drive away from the noise, and I’m going to go fill my lungs with chilly ocean air.

This is also the boys’ first night away from home since they we brought them home from the hospital. Their first camping trip. Our first outdoor trip as a family of four, introducing our sons to forests and beaches, wind and probably rain. We have a bit more to pack when we camp, now that we have two more little butts to worry about. We actually bought a bigger car for just this reason. It’s amazing what little butts will make you do.

I’m not sure what kind of cell coverage we will have where we are going. We will be blissfully off the grid. But I’m sure I’ll make a phone call at the end of the night just to know what kind of country we will wake up to tomorrow.

I need this time away.


  1. Yay! Have fun…what kind of car did you get?

    • Hi Jen, thanks! The car thing is one of those posts I have been “meaning to do.” I have about 3 dozen posts I have been “meaning to do.” But we had a little red Saab wagon. Now we have a big Saab wagon. It’s sort of ridiculous.

  2. enjoy!! the coast is so rejuevenating.

  3. Enjoy! We stayed in South Beach last weekend and it was surprisingly warm for this time of year. But overcast enough to have that lovely “off season” on the coast feel. Only two sets of twins on this trip…but I’m a total yurt convert.

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