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Here Are Some Ridiculous Baby Noises

And some smiles, too.

They are just learning what their hands are for. They are reaching out and batting at toys. They are able to grasp stuff, but it’s almost always inadvertent. And they are drooling and making bubbles. And they are joining in on our conversations. It’s goddamned adorable.

Oh, and the homemade baby gym is a huge hit.


  1. Happy to see your gym is working out! They look happy!

  2. Joy Sifferle says:

    Awww…my absolute favorite age! Learning about hands and sounds they can make! I love the coos! And they cannot yet move around on their own. This is a major bonus… Enjoy this time! :)

  3. god, the looks they get on their tiny old-man faces… adorable.

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