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Twins’ First “Camping” Trip

A few weeks ago, we got a cabin at Cape Lookout. The only way we were able to get the cabin was because it was available mid-week. The yurts and cabins at Oregon State Parks are often booked as soon as they are available for reservations, usually six months in advance.

Dave had some time off from work, and on a whim, we checked to see if any of the cabins were available before the end of the year. This was to be our twins’ first “camping” experience. In a deluxe cabin with heat, electricity, a full bathroom, a refrigerator and a kitchen. I use the term “camping” loosely here. It was also their first trip away from home since they came come from the hospital in July.

We left on a gray Tuesday at the beginning of November. We packed up the car with our usual camping equipment, minus a cooler, tent, and canopy. With the addition of two car seats, and two little babies, and all sorts of baby gear, we are no longer able to fill up the car like a pickup truck. Even with the larger car we purchased over the summer, we were still packed to the roof. We figure we’ll have to get a trailer for the babies and all their stuff. Or maybe just strap them to the roof of our car.

As we headed west through the hills of the coast range, the trees and fall colors became hushed and desaturated. The rain fell in gauzy curtains. This was November in Oregon, after all. We expected the weather to be less than ideal. But we didn’t care. This was our first and only camping trip of 2012, and we were going to have a solid roof over our heads. The crappy weather made us feel adventurous and rugged.

We arrived just as the marine clouds smothered the last wisps of pink sun. The view was honestly breathtaking.

Visiting the coast is always wonderful for my mental health. But I wouldn’t call the ocean relaxing. The waves hit the Oregon coast from the open Pacific, and the waves don’t lap at the beach. They roar. The boneyards of giant old trees on any beach in the Pacific Northwest remind you that this ocean can be furious. But if you ever feel your priorities wander, or if your life gets a little too small, visiting the Oregon coast can snap you back into alignment right quick.

We were not expecting nice weather on this trip. We brought plenty of books and I brought some crochet to work on. As it turns out, we got fleeting blips of cellular coverage, so we did have our noses buried in our phones the first night. It was election day, after all. As soon as the election results became pretty clear, we put our phones away.

The next morning, to our surprise, it was sunny! Our friends Brent and Lesley visited with their 15 month old, Aaron. We had lunch and went for a walk on the beach.

November! On the coast! Who would have thought?

Look at these handsome men! This was the first time the babies met the ocean.

Loyal liked it okay.

What a day! The sun was nearly warm! Cape Lookout is one of my favorite beaches. I wrote about our first trip over here.

Our cabin, by the way, was absolutely delightful. It was roomy and new, and it was wonderful to have heat, electricity and running water when you have four month old babies.

And did I mention the view? The view was ridiculous.

What a gorgeous place.

We settled in for the night, and our dear friends Aaron and Barbara drove down from Astoria with their new baby Abigail. They spent the night with us. So we fit four adults and three little babies in this cabin.

Abigail was just slightly smaller than Loyal, but you wouldn’t know it from this photo.

Babies! A pile of them! BABIES! BAAAABIEEEES!

What can you do with so many babies? You attempt to keep them entertained, as Barbara is doing here. It’s pretty awesome to have friends with babies. You don’t ever have to worry if you are talking about babies too much. Because babies. And babies. Also, babies.

We packed up the cabin, bid Cape Lookout adieu, and drove up the coast to Astoria to get a beer with Aaron and Barbara at Fort George, like old days. The boys don’t know it yet, but Astoria is their original hometown.

We miss the coast. We will certainly be scouring the calendar for more opportunities to get a cabin and take the boys “camping.”



  1. The view does look amazing.

  2. gorgeous photos!!
    when the boys are in their 20’s and 30’s they will take secret pride that they have been “campers” since they were newborns. I am!! G;lad you got away, the coast is a restorative place for me as well. I do miss it here in the landlocked valley.

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