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“I Demand Beer!”

This kid could not be more like his dad.

The pediatrician said to get the boys an exersaucer to practice keeping their heads upright, and for keeping them contained and amused. Exersaucers, like play gyms, sort of offend my delicate sensibilities. Not to mention my delicate retinas.

So I got one of these. It’s a portable seat/bar. Keeps them upright, with a surface for toys, snacks, and um, beverages. Slightly less offensive than giant plastic exersaucers or whatever they are. Somehow bright green and orange is less offensive. And it folds down to take with us on camping trips or for visiting the grandparents.

If this thing works, we’ll get another one, so both boys will each have one. Perfect for drinking a cold one after a long day at work. These kids will be a chip off the old block.


  1. beckyjopdx says

    THIS is brilliant. We were lucky to get a hand-me-down exersaucerthingie, but the portability of that is genius. and it collapses!!! I dig that a lot.

  2. Dori Strom says

    I think it’s going to be a hit!! He is just chillin’!!

  3. The kid will be confused: “what do I root for beavers or DUCKS”?

  4. Do they make these in adult sizes. What a perfect retirement gift.

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