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Hi Papa! 12.13.12

Look at how cute we are!

Mama wants booze and an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep for Christmas!


  1. Aunty Laurie says:

    Dave is one LUCKY Man!!! (Although I’m sure your just as LUCKY!) I Could drop a bug in your Dad’s ear for the Booze! Just pump extra for the next week and you be able to get a buzz for Christmas!!

  2. Even if the eight hours were deliverable, it would only be a tease that makes a glorious FIVE hours seem insufficient. That’s not an attitude you want to have about five hours of sleep. (Of course, it’s a purely hypothetical topic.)

    • It’s funny, Bill. Five hours is the maximum amount of solid sleep I get at once. And it does seem glorious. I sleep like the dead. But when the alarm goes off (I get up to pump), I always think it must be a mistake. Surely, it’s a mistake. Please, sweet Jesus, let this godforsaken 3 am alarm be a mistake.

      Every night.

  3. I love that picture!!!

  4. Please forward this GREAT photo to the book club – or at least to me – and I’ll send it on. xxxx

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