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Babies’ First Christmas



This is our holiday card this year, which I am still sending out. At the rate I am going, they will be St Patricks’s Day cards. Please still act surprised when you open yours.

Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for reading, and thank you for following along as these little guys grow. I predict there will be more baby photos in 2013.


  1. suzanne andrews says

    Your boys are absolutely adorable! I love the hats and sweaters. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season and looking forward to reading your blog in 2013!

  2. Very solid! Merry Christmas guys. Give mom and dad their monies worth over the next 25 years, it will build their character.

  3. beckyjopdx says

    this makes me crack up endlessly. from the pub hats, to the sweaters with the bare toes and, mostly to the “what, we meant to be propped up together like this” expressions….so much adorable in one photo!!!

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