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New Car Adventures

Okay, so I have a huge mental backlog of stuff to write about. Basically, half a year’s worth of stuff that has happened while babies have been happening. Like when Dave got locked in our bathroom. Or when our fire alarm went off while I was in the shower. It has pained me not to write these little tidbits as they occur. But you know, the babies have eaten my brain. Baaabieeeessss.

Not long after the guys were born, we bought a different car. This was a big deal, because I loved, LOVED, my car. It was a Saab 92-X, which was basically a Subaru WRX with some nicer trim and finishes. It was a “Saab” with Subaru reliability. It was a stick shift. It was fun and fast. I barely put any miles on it, since we didn’t use it as a daily commuter. I figured I’d have that car forever.


We had a lot of fun in that car.

Earlier in 2012, as I was getting more pregnant, I researched which car infant seats would fit in the backseat. I was determined to not buy a different car just for the sake of car seats, because the whole concept pissed me off. It wasn’t a tiny car. It was a regular sized car, with a smallish back seat.

But the more research I did, the more it looked like it was going to be a tight squeeze no matter what infant seats we got. And it pissed us off! What the fuck!?! What do other people with small cars do? Does everyone buy an SUV or a van when they become parents? What do they do in Europe or Japan, where cars are the size of shoes? It seemed like a giant conspiracy to us, fueling the sales of big stupid cars, just because of a few tiny centimeters of space.

Anyway. We got car seats based on the recommendations from WRX owners, though they cautioned it was a tight fit. And sure enough, it was. I’m not outrageously tall, but I have long legs. I propped the seat up as much as I could comfortably go. I spent a few weeks driving with my big pregnant belly wedged between my seat and the steering wheel.

I was hoping this arrangement would be more comfortable after the boys arrived and my belly deflated. But alas, it was not so. I felt like a little old lady, hovering over the steering wheel, my long limbs flung out at sharp angles. I loved my car. But I just couldn’t envision driving like this. We were going to have to get a different vehicle.

But I was not going to get a fucking SUV or minivan. Fuck you, America!

Like the infant car seats, I dove into researching our next car. And perhaps unwisely, it was very likely to be another Saab. Even though they are out of business. I come from a Saab family. My grandfather was one of the first people to sell Saabs in the US. My uncle still fixes Saabs back east. My Dad has owned 15 Saabs in his life. We are those people who are still feverishly loyal to a car brand that no longer exists.

I would have preferred to get another small car. Probably a 93 wagon. But with twin boys, two car seats, and the occasional camping trip, I had to come to grips that our lives had changed. I was going to have to get a rig.

This was my old car.


This is our new car.


It’s a little bit ridiculous. I’m not a psycho for red wagons or anything. It just happened that way. In all honesty, if you were to ask me twenty years ago if I’d ever own a damned station wagon, I would have laughed at you. I would have laughed myself silly.

But here we are. A family wagon. The infant car seats fit. The trunk is much bigger for camping gear. There’s all sorts of luxurious features, some we are still discovering, that feel a bit, well, “dirty.” Heated seats. Auto dimming mirrors. A back up alarm when the car is in reverse. Not one, but double sun shades, with the friggin lighted mirror, so Dave can dab his lipstick.

It’s all rather posh and we are not yet accustomed to it. Ironically, the gas milage on this car is almost as bad as an SUV. It’s got a big engine. We’ll be able to tow a camper with this car if we wanted.

And holy fricken crap this car is fast. It’s stupid fast. It’s got a “Sport” button in case you want to go faster than stupid fast.

And that, really, was the story I wanted to tell. About the unassuming family wagon. But this post has gotten off topic, I’ll write the second half of this tomorrow, if the babies will let me.



  1. Love the new car. It’s hardly what I would call a “family wagon” though – it’s a sports wagon! It doesn’t have sliding doors does it? Or TV screens on the back of the headrests? We ran into a similar issue – we tried installing our car seat in the middle of the back seat and it wouldn’t fit if I wanted to have any driving leg room at all – we’re probably going to have to put it behind the passenger seat and sacrifice the passenger’s leg room. Like you, I’m very resistant to buying a new car, although not because I’m attached to my car, but because I’m cheap. Anyway, I support your choice of car, and good luck with it!

  2. i would kill for auto dimming mirrors. with all the dick trucks up here, and my low riding honda… i am blinded constantly. and heated seats are super nice. i hear you though, on liking what you have. hopefully, you will fall in love with this car too.

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