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Our Boys Like To Eat

Ignore, if you can, my voice. This is the voice I use to talk to the babies. All day long. Every day. I imagine it will not be much longer before my voice is frozen like this and my “baby voice” becomes the only way I know how to speak.

We are reading Baby Led Weaning. It was one of the first books we casually picked up relating to transitioning babies to solid food. As it turns out, we really liked this book. We are skipping the bland cereals and going right for real food. We’re letting the guys gnaw and explore, knowing they aren’t really “eating” most of what we give them. They are just playing. And so far, they have been very enthusiastic.

Loyal doesn’t know about frozen strawberries just yet.


  1. So cute! I’m glad you’re having fun with weaning!

  2. I kept rewinding Loyal’s faces and Cascadian’s sneeze. Great you got these on video.

  3. si cute. that was pretty much my adult reaction to strawberries for along time. then i learned to pair them with dark chocolate and wine… completely different ball game.

  4. I remember what a huge sense of freedom I felt when my babes started feeding themselves. Shoot, they could spend five minutes simply trying to get the food from table to hand to mouth. :) I also used a mesh feeder (Baby Safe brand) which helped ease my anxiety about the whole ‘choking’ thing. Not that I was ever an anxious mother, no, nothing like that.

  5. Nice…Loyal’s frozen strawberry face was the same one we got when I gave Sasha avocado for the first time. And just like you, I gave her more, so I could capture the face on film! The boys look so awesome, happy, and healthy. Great job, mama (and papa)!

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