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Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago, I was new in Portland, and I met a guy for a beer.

Not to sound like a ridiculous cheesy cheeseball, but I was in a new city, I had just gotten a job, I had just moved into my own apartment and it felt like the world was full of possibility.

Everything I wanted then, I now have.

I am a lucky, lucky shit.


  1. Coming from a perfect stranger…Go ahead and be as thankful as you want to be out loud. You made my Valentines day. We are new to the area and needed trip advice, loved your travel reports, and you sealed the deal on a trip to Cape Disappointment. Love the rest of the blog; Bookmarked.

  2. Double lucky with, who’da thought twins.

  3. at least you realize it, and say you are thankful for it, out loud, often.
    i am very happy for you, and miss you terribly.

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