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I’m Partial, But Our Babies Are Fricken Adorable

Did I mention that our nanny is a photographer? Did I mention that she is awesome?

Through the course of the day, she sends me photos of the guys. There are times I feel like I might just burst because THE CUTENESS.

All photos by Xilia. I’m telling you, seeing these little faces gets me through the day.


  1. Cuteness runs in the family! Great photos!

    Gary was feeding Elli yesterday and she saw a photo of the boys a few feet away. Gary brought the photo to her and she smiled. He thinks she recognized them.

  2. Not fair having a nanny with that kind of talent. Though she has great models with which to work.

  3. Aunty Laurie says

    Those boys are going to have the BEST Baby Photo albums Evah!!! Fabulous Pictures!!!

  4. Impartially, those little guys are DAMN CUTE

  5. Totally just messaged your nanny about getting our twins shot… hope she can do half as good a job with our kidlets as she does with yours! Thanks for sharing.

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