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Moving, Again

Yes, again. It’s a yearly thing. It’s a tradition. Since I moved to Portland, and since Dave and I have been together, we have moved five times. This will be our sixth move. In five years. We have never renewed a lease.

I realize this sounds exhausting and maybe a little silly. Isn’t moving a pain in the ass? Can’t we just settle in and stay in one place? Doesn’t moving around so much seem suspicious? Are we shiftless characters? On the run from the law?

So, yes, moving is a pain in the ass. That was one of the big reasons we spent so much time downsizing. We wanted to have less stuff to move. And we wanted to be able to fit into smaller places. It was more important to us to move lighter than settle down and collect a bunch of crap we didn’t need.

We have lived in five different neighborhoods in Portland, plus a year in Astoria. We always start out super excited to explore each area. And we always wonder, as we unpack boxes, if we will just be packing again in a year. Invariably, we get familiar with the drawbacks of the neighborhood, whatever they may be, and we get the itch to go someplace new. Luckily, a year is just about the right amount of time to forget how much of a pain in the ass it is to move.

This time, we are actually staying in the same neighborhood. We really like Westmoreland and Sellwood. We really love the location of our current apartment. And our current place is really cute. We could have stayed here and been fairly happy.

So why move? Why pack all the boxes, why schlep everything into a uhaul, why spend all the time patching walls and scrubbing floors, hoping to get our deposit back?

I’ve wondered this myself. Is it worth it? Are we being silly to not just be happy where we are?

Then I list off the reasons why we want to move.

1. New noisy neighbors.
2. This apartment gets incredibly hot in the summer.
3. Tiny kitchen, no dishwasher. We knew this going in, and we live with it. But, eh, it’s a pain in the ass. We aren’t trying to fool ourselves.
4. Sappy trees. Seriously. We park on the street, and at the height of summer, these trees would dump buckets of sticky syrup on our car. I recently learned it’s not actually sap, but aphid poop. APHID POOP covering the car.
5. Giant basement with a guest bedroom. This sounds like a good thing, but it’s actually conducive to collecting junk we don’t need.
6. Creaky floors. This started out being charming, then we had babies. Now they know when the floor creaks, we are somewhere in the house, not paying attention to them.
7. Busy street on a bus line. We’ve become cranky oldsters, shaking our fists at the assholes who speed down our street, or who blast through stop signs without even a tap on the brakes.
8. No pets. Again, we knew this going in, and we hesitated to take this place because of it. We really do want a cat or two.
9. We’d have to resign our lease for another year.

And that last one was the big reason we didn’t want to stay. We didn’t want to be locked in for another year. It felt…restrictive. It felt like they were taking away our freedoms. You don’t know us! You can’t tell us what to do! Like, renting the same place for a whole nother year! FU, landlords!

So, yeah. Moving again.


  1. Someone should make this into a drinking game.

  2. Kitty and I are in the same boat. We’ve been doing a slow move eastward for the last couple years. We’ll be heading out of Colorado later this year, heading to Ohio, where I hope we will stop. I mean, we’ll eventually have to stop, considering there’s an ocean at the edge of the continent. I mean, unless we want to wind up in Europe, which would be okay, I guess. Anyway… Hooray for moving!

  3. My only suggestion for you guys is to get it out of your system before the boys start school. It has been really hard on my kids switching schools. They develop attachments with not only kids but also their surroundings. So on that note….The boys are darling and happy moving, AGAIN!

  4. Well, for the reasons you listed, it sounds like you have a reason to be excited about moving!! I love that area, too … I’ve been convincing my husband that it would be lovely. And, he could ride his bike downtown via the Springwater. Best of luck finding a place!! The Portland rental market isn’t fun, but at is an adventure!!

  5. > Staying in Sellwood/Westmoreland.


  6. those are all valid reasons. if it sticks in your mind, it is a valid reason. and syrupy aphid poop is revolting.
    and noisy neighbors suck. especially when they don’t give a shit that they are noisy, as yours don’t.
    i hope it goes smoothly. smuah.

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