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Nine Months, And A New Family Member

Our twin boys are nine months old.

I know they are getting bigger, but I am somehow surprised whenever they achieve new milestones. Or when they learn something new. Or when their babbles start taking on a conversational articulateness. I see them getting bigger, but my inside reaction is always, “They don’t stay this way forever?”

All of the photos below are by Xilia Faye.


It seems impossible, but they get cuter every day. They make my heart hurt, they are so gorgeous. This may sound like I am bragging how we made cute babies, but it is more like I can’t look at these faces enough. They have made me lose my mind, I love them so much.

Nine months!


You see this hair? It defies gravity. It’s like a halo of golden feathery down. There is no question who’s the father of this kid. Dave’s baby album is filled with photos just like this. The same spiky head.


Cascadian spends about 90 percent of his day smiling. All you have to do is look at him and he grins. It’s the most rewarding goddamn thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

He has my nose, I think. Poor kid.

In the past three months, we weaned the boys off breast milk. I started a full time job in a new industry, in a new role. A few weeks ago, we moved. So our lives are in total upheaval. But not really. It seems like a lot of things to happen in a short amount of time. There are moments of stress, or uncertainty, or doubt. I try not to dwell on them. They work themselves out. And it goes by so quickly.

As I’ve gone back to work, our wonderful nanny sends us these photos through the day. And she is so, so good. SO GOOD.


This face! This face! I could absorb this photo for the rest of my life, and it would never be enough.


Hi, handsome. Mind if I make fart noises on those cheeks?


They have started eating solid foods and holy cow, it’s like two little vortexes open up in our kitchen. They love food. They love everything we’ve given them. We let them pick up their own food and eat it themselves. I’ll help them with messy or small food, like peas or kernels of corn. We give them adult food right off our plate. We hope that they will be adventurous, happy eaters. Unlike their Mama, who is still sometimes a picker eater to this day.

The other rather large thing going on in our household is that we’ve added another family member. A furry one.


This is Chicken. She is a kitty.


The boys have been fascinated by her. Their eyes follow her around the room. Is she comes near them, they strain to reach out and touch her.


And Chicken the Kitty has been so, so good around the babies. She’s still a bit of a kitten, so she’s very playful and sometimes aggressive. But she is remarkably patient with the boys. It’s like she understands they aren’t fully formed humans yet. She allows them to pet her and she is not intimidated or nervous around them.


She has no tail. Or rather, a three inch tail with an odd curl on the end. We don’t know her origin. We adopted her from one of my coworkers, who got her from friends. We are thinking she might be a Pixie Bob. The tail, the markings, the personality all match.

Did I mention she has made herself right at home? And that she is not intimidated by the babies?


I wouldn’t think there was room between me and the babies as I was feeding them. But she finds her way in and plunks herself down, sitting in the boys’ laps.


This is a regular occurrence now. Me, baby and kitty. They boys pet and pull on her fur, and she purrs. If she’s feeling extra lovey, she reaches out with her paws and grabs my neck and licks my face. I have my hands full with babies and I can only sit there and cry and hope she doesn’t dig in. It’s sweet and terrifying at the same time.

She’s been with us for just under two weeks and it’s already pretty clear she and the boys are going to love growing up together.


I can’t thank Xilia enough for these photos. They are treasures.


  1. Love!!!

  2. Chicken sitting in your lap between you and baby is awful reminiscent of Dinger.

  3. So cute! And what a cute, sweet kitty too!!!!

  4. love that Chicken and the boys are entranced with each other. the photos are precious. glad you are so happy.

  5. Your babies are awfully cute, and I am super obsessed with your cat.

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