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Magic For Sale

Oh My!

Have I mentioned our nanny is a photographer? Do you want to tell me to shut up already?

But do you see these photos? You SEE these little faces?

My face is adorable! Look at it!

I’m mentioning it again because Xilia is running a special on photo shoots for the next few weeks. And I cannot recommend her enough. She is offering 50% off a basic shoot for family or babe photos. This would normally be $450. Until the end of May, she is only charging $225 in the Portland metro area.

I can eat this, right?

I wasn’t planning on hiring a professional photographer to do a shoot for the boys. But never in a million years could I have ever hoped to get such wonderful shots myself.


Go check out You can contact her here. She is magic.


  1. Those faces!! Magic indeed!

  2. Such sweet cuties!!!! :)

  3. i almost wish I had babies, just so she could take wonderful photos of them. she has a great eye, I’m sure she will get booked up.

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