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New Themes

Here’s a new theme. I like it. I like the photo of the Astoria Megler bridge, it’s become iconic in our lives, but I have other interesting road photos. I may rotate the big photo and switch it up a bit.

Switching themes on my blog feels like spring cleaning. A change of scenery. This summer, I want to start writing again on a regular basis. I decided to leave my full time job, so I will have a bit more time to sit down and write. I have some catching up to do.

I also updated the About page, since we’ve had some minor life changes since the last time I updated my theme.

I have some projects coming up, we are planning camping trips, and excursions around Oregon. It’s going to be a bitchin summer.


  1. Nice, I dig it!

  2. I love the clean design, and the bridge photo is awesome. Is that your own? Very cool.

    My only feedback: you might consider turning on human-readable Permalinks, they’re nice for, err, humans :)

    • Thanks. I’ve wanted to do permalinks, but my blog is bloated and has a legacy of links. I tried switching once and everything broke. Now I’m paranoid.

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