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Out In The Wilderness, Sorta

We are out in the wilds of central Oregon this weekend. I’d say we were roughing it, but we’re in a cabin with a hottub and this ridiculous view.

You can’t see from this photo, but just a few yards from our cabin, there is a steep drop into a canyon below.

We are a number of miles from the nearest paved road, and the only thing we hear is the wind whistling through pine branches.

I turn 40 years old tomorrow, and I’m thrilled that this is how we are spending my birthday.

The guys are digging it too.


  1. Aunty Laurie says

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!! I do NOT even want to be saying 4….. anything to My Niece!!! WTF!!! You are still the Adorable little,I just got my first tooth on my first birthday, looking WAY Too much like Cask…. WOW !!! Life Way Too Fast!!! Enjoy Every moment with Dave, and those 2 little hunks, cuz the next thing you know…

  2. Happy birthday! I turn 40 exactly 13 months after you do. Enjoy the dry part of Oregon!

  3. happy birthday sweetie!!!
    glad this camping trip is going better…
    love to your gang!

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