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Happy First Birthday, Boys!

A year! What an exhausting, crazy, wonderful year it’s been. You have changed our lives. You little men have made me lose my mind, and you’ve made me find it again.


A year ago, you were just little blobby dudes. We marveled at your wavy hair, your little fingers, the dimples in your chins. Just like Papa.


We could only guess what kind of little people you would be.


And now, look at you!


You are scooting! And pulling yourselves up on things! And giggling! And eating kitty food!


Look at you and your faces!


One of my favorite things in the world is to hear you both wake from sleeping, and contentedly play and babble to each other in your cribs. Then I slowly creep into your room and wait for you to notice me. You both break into big grins and squeal with delight. You flap your arms with excitement and I scoop you up into my arms and squeeze you tight. I love you love you love you love you.


Happy birthday, boys!


  1. LOVE!!!! happy birthday cutie patooties!

  2. Dori Strom says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!! Aunt Dori and Uncle Steve Love and Miss you guys so much!!!!

  3. Elkosteve says

    Happy birthday little bros!

  4. Happy Birthday, Cask and Loyal!!!!!

  5. Aunty Laurie says

    Happy Birthday Boys!!! Can’t wait to see you all again in Aug.!!!!

  6. Happy happy birthday to your adorable boys!

  7. Hang in there! Twins are a gift. My 56 year-old pair (fraternal male and female) are very close to each other and to their 2 younger singleton siblings. Strong family resemblance since they all look alike which can be quite intimating to signifcant others who have floated and out over the years. Have fun!

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