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Kitties and Babies: Symbiotic Relationships

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Here is our kitty. Her name is Chicken.

That pink ball next to Chicken is her “kitty fatso ball.” You see, Chicken’s previous owner said she was a picky eater. She would only eat raw food, and wouldn’t touch anything else. But she also begged for food constantly. I took this into consideration as we became the new owners of this kitty. Our last cat did not have food issues, neither being a picker eater or a beggar.

When we took in this kitty, she was seven pounds or so. She was skinny. We don’t know her history, other than that she showed up on someone’s doorstep, thin, mangy and pregnant. She may have been an outdoor kitty. We don’t know.

As she settled into our home, she had no eating issues whatsoever. She happily ate dry cat food. She ate and ate and ate. We quickly realized we would not be able to free feed her. She scarfed down a whole cup of food within an hour and then begged for more. The recommended amount of food for a cat this age is a quarter to half cup. Within two months, she was 11 pounds. She was tubby.

So we got her the kitty fatso ball.


We put her dry food into the ball. It has holes so that she has to roll it around to dribble out some food. Theoretically, this is exercise for her.


But she has gotten fairly adept and nudging the ball around and getting the food out. It’s not long before she begs us for more.

So like, cats are dumb, right? Like, ALL cats. This cat is no exception. In fact, this kitty is EXTRA dumb. The begging behavior causes her to weave around our legs as we try to walk through the house. And she always seems to be most insistent at the most dangerous times, like when we are holding babies, or carrying scalding cauldrons of boiling oil. This kitty is D-U-M-B.

Except when she’s really, cunningly smart. She knows the fatso ball has food in it. And she knows the babies will speed dive the fatso ball, shake it, and eat the food themselves if we give them a chance.


So she rolls the food ball to them. Smart, no?


Particularly, she rolls it to Loyal, because he is more interested if not a bit more devious. He shakes the ball, and out comes the kitty food.


And then, yay, everyone is happy.


  1. Entertaining….. The children are adorable!

  2. Yes, our “dumb” cat has us trained as well. He is very adept at getting what he wants from us better than the kids :) Food, head rubs, trips outdoors.

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