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Can’t Keep Me Down!

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Know what this is?

That right, bitches!  It’s a damn ballot from the Multnomah Country Elections Board!  You can’t keep me down!

Now I’m going to impose my blue blood, leftie-enviro-feminist-pro-gay-peacenik-hippie agenda all over your ass!  With granola on top!


  1. If you would have used the word “retarded,” that post would have been perfect.

    Took me TWO HOURS to vote. All those measures! Those measures!

  2. yeah for leftie-enviro-feminist-pro-gay-peacenik-hippies!! i just call myself a Yippee, but I like yours better. I think I’ll get that put on a shirt.

  3. Jeff Merkley for US Senate!!!!

    60 Dem seats or bust!!!

    The filibuster buster!!

  4. I love the leftie-enviro-feminist-pro-gay-peacenik-hippies comment! And I totally stole that for my facebook status, but I put it in quotes, so don’t hurt me…

  5. No way, Sara…peace and love, man! And polar bears and drag queens.

  6. Too funny – I had nearly the same photo on my blog. Only mine is done. Thank god!! Mama is right. That damn thing took so long… it was like college again, studying up on the measures.

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