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You Gotta Problem, Punk?


We have all been sicky heads this week, starting with Dave, then the boys, now me. We are a family of mouth breathers. Being sick is also wonderful in the summer with no air conditioning.

Luckily, the boys are sweethearts even when they aren’t feeling well. Even if they blow bubbles with the snot coming out of their noses.

Awesome thing about twins: Always someone to share your boogers with.


It’s been a hard week. So here is a baby butt.



  1. I wonder where he gets that face. Oh.

  2. I love how Loyal is sitting in the background, tongue sticking out.

  3. I am so sorry you’ve had a dose of the summer yuck, but I’m very glad I found you through the Non-Consumer Advocate and your generous donation of a curtain rod. I’m looking forward to looking back in the archives and learning how you are doing more with less! Val

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