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Pissed Off Poetry: Leaf Blowers

Sleeping babies.
Leaf blower outside.
What have you got against rakes?


  1. Hahah,, ya know i used to feel this way…. But then we got a house with a yard and a TON of oak tree leaves that fall every year. My husband got a back pack leaf blower – it truly was magical. However.. what are they leaf blowing right now?! Are leaves even falling yet???

    However, being due in 2.5 weeks with a baby – i may change my tune again soon :)

  2. never really understood the leaf blower. They seem to just make leaves somebody else’s problem at best.

  3. I don’t remember seeing too many leaf blowers back east, where they need them more. Also, power sprayers are popular here. Another thing I don’t remember seeing back home.

  4. Oh, how I hate leaf blowers. They are very popular in North Carolina, where I am from. When we lived in “the burbs”, seemed like every time we went to eat on our screened porch, someone near us was blowing leaves. So, we moved to 11 acres in the woods. Problem solved. :-)

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