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OMG: My Boys On The Front Page Of AOL

In the mid 1990s, I had a chunky Packard-Bell desktop. It had goofy plastic speakers that attached to the side of the monitor like misshapen ears. I think it had 8 MB of memory, and half a gig of space. It was my first computer.

It was around that time that CD-ROMS for AOL seemed to rain from the sky. They were stuffed into new computer packaging. They were in the Sunday paper. They were in piles of junk mail. There were so many AOL CDs, it felt like a waste that there wasn’t a better use for them, like making dresses or curtains or chainmail. If only Pinterest had existed in the 90s!

AOL felt like it was really the only game in town, though I remember having accounts with Compuserve and Mindspring. But the AOL CDs, they were everywhere. Everywhere! Isn’t it probable that your first email address ended with

In the 1990s, when hearing the buzzes and beep boops of my dial up modem connecting at 14,400 bit/s, and AOL was like, the biggest thing ever, I could never imagined this:


Thems my boys! Look at their little faces! On fricken! Those little cheeks! It was for the post I had written for What to Expect on comparing twins.

We came back from a weekend of camping and being off the grid. This was a nice surprise.

Next stop, Compuserve!


  1. Ha! Too funny. Congratulations, though. I must have been one of the handful of folks in the US never to have an AOL or Compuserve email addy! I can’t remember my first one, but it was with a local ISP. Anyway, I do remember those AOL CDs, though…crazy. Didn’t they distribute on floppy disks even before CDs?

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