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In the 1990s, when I was in college and waiting tables, I screwed around with my hair quite a lot. It was almost always short, so it seemed pretty low investment if something went tragic with the science experiments I performed on my head. I look back wistfully, and with a little sting of embarrassment, on some photos from that era when my hair was impossibly neon yellow. Eh. I guess I needed a lot of attention.

Now, of course, I have a blog, because apparently, I still need a lot of attention. And since having babies, I’ve have a renewed interest in screwing with my hair. I haven’t gone red in fifteen years or more.



A little off? Here’s a nicer photo of me.


Pretty, right? Aren’t I pretty? GODDAMNIT INTERNET, TELL ME I’M PRETTY.

Okay. Here’s a nice one.


Better, mom and dad?


  1. That looks AWESOME!!! That color is great on you!!

  2. Pretty!

  3. Welcome to the Ginger club! :)

  4. I love it!

  5. Very pretty but hair color has nothing to do with it! The red does look good though.

  6. Thank you everyone. :-) It feels sort of superhero-y. I like it.

  7. so funny – I was just telling RW last week how I think I’ll chop it all off and color it….maybe I’ll wait until I’m done with corporate life.

    • DO IT! Chop it off! Color it crazy! Quit the corporate! Do it!

      Except, don’t quit your job if you need it for the health insurance. But still, go ahead and do crazy shit with your hair.

  8. I love it! It’s such a good color for you, really brings out your eyes. We redheads have to stick together!!

  9. Okay, and for the record, my eyes are intentionally crossed in the first photo.

  10. Aunty Laurie says

    You KNOW I Love the color, and Sooo Wish I could pull off the short hair, this cut is awesome!!!! You are One Hot Mama!!!

  11. I love the cut and color!
    I might have to copy you a bit… would that be okay?

  12. You ARE pretty, I LOVE your hair, both the cut and the color, and I too experimented with my hair a lot and while most of the time it was okay there were some pretty heinous accidents. None of those, however, even compared to when I accidentally ended up bald! I started cutting my own hair when my son was playing basketball. He needed his head sheared and after doing that for awhile I thought, Well Gee Willikers, I could do that with mine. I used the biggest comb and actually to this day people think I do a pretty good job, but there was that horrible day when I was getting ready to go out of town and decided I’d trim it up a little. I started at the crown of my head and came straight down toward my nose. I didn’t realize that the comb had fallen off and I had just shaved my head bald right down the middle. I screamed, my son came running thinking perhaps I had almost killed myself. At that moment I wished I had. I looked him square in the eye and said to him, “Call your father and tell him to bring home a bottle of wine,” and I shaved the rest of my head bald. What was I supposed to do? I had a reverse skunk kind of thing going on with the stripe down the middle. On the way to visit my friends at a rest area a little girl, in a stage whisper, said to her mother, LOOK, THAT LADY DOESN’T HAVE ANY HAIR.” To which the mother said, “Sssshhhhh, she’s got cancer.” I have since come to believe everyone should be bald once because it is quite an interesting experience. Some people thought I was a Buddhist nun. The worst part of all, and it was very unfortunate that I had heavy black glasses, was that upon arriving at my friends house my friend Barry looked at me horrified and said, “Oh my GOD, you look like Drew Carey.” It was not my finest moment.

    So I say if you have tried everything else, go bald. It is quite an experience. You can get a tattoo on your head or as my friend Julie did when she really did have cancer and lost all her hair, she had faces drawn on the back of her bald head. There are just all kinds of creative things you can do. And as you said, your hair is short, it will grow out pretty quick. I say Go For It! And I LOVE your blog! :D


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