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Air Travel With Twins: It Sort Of Sucks

We’ve taken the boys on two trips involving airplanes. Both times, the anticipation of chaos, gnashing of teeth and full-on armageddon made travel stressful. Dave hates air travel even without babies. So with our twin boys, plus Dave, I clenched my jaw and tried to remain the only sane person in the world. THE WHOLE WORLD.

I have a new post up at, telling the story of traveling with twin babies. Spoiler: It was harder for the adults than it was for the babies. Please go check it out.



  1. i will leave my comment here, as I don’t wish to share all my info with that blog =)

    the next time I am on a flight sitting next to a parent whose child has fallen asleep, i will be kind enough to pour the drink down that parents’ throat, in your honor.

    • If you think one set of twin boys is hard, try twins plus two older brothers, all under 5 years. People shook when I went anywhere until they saw they were well behaved. That’s the secret for any child or size of family.

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