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Making Holiday Cookies

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Coconut Macaroons. Gorgeous, right? I tried to make some.

Image credit: Sweet & Saucy


So my holiday preparations are going awesome. You?


  1. 1) Put them closer together to make sure they all merge.
    2) Cut into bars.
    3) Post your “original” recipe for Coconut Macaroon bars.

  2. “Melted snowman cookies”! Voila! I’d eat them. :)

  3. Hunh. I feel your pain. My “holly” shaped cookies bear a striking resemblance to flat dog turds. Plus red, white, and green nonpareils.

    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful little family!

  4. LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT MY DESK AT WORK ISN’T COOL!!! I think you didn’t whip the egg whites enough. Maybe.

  5. i have looked at this post 3 different times. it still makes me laugh. it starts slow, with a smile, then builds. hope you try them again.

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