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Oregon Beach Sand Is Delicious

We figured most everyone would be sitting in front of the TV on Sunday. And it was a gorgeous day. And I was itching for a drive. We decided it was time to introduce the boys to the ocean.

We had brought the boys to the coast previously, but they were still little lumpy dudes. Now they are walking by them ownselves, and well, we knew the beach would be a totally different experience for them.

We visited Nehalem Bay State Park and I carried Loyal over the sand dune to get to the beach. I can’t imagine what must have been going through their little heads as I huffed and puffed over the sand. Everything they were looking at, they had never seen before. The tall sea grass. The sound of the waves. The salty breeze. My little boy was humming with excitement as I crested the dune.

Nehalem State Park Beach

Dave was carrying Cascadian, and we understood almost immediately that he would run straight into the ocean if given half a chance. As soon as his little feet hit the sand, he was running. He was also squealing with delight, as he rushed to the crashing waves.


So we had to hold him to keep him from running into the water. I suppose it would only take one time to reach the ocean, in Oregon, in February, for him to never want to do it again. But we much prefer a dry happy baby, than a cold, wet, freaked out baby.


After a few minutes, they paused to examine this strange material they were walking on.


Babies have no sense of “messy” or “dirty.” We knew we this was going to happen, I mean, it’s wet sand! At the beach! I was thankful they happened not to roll around in it.


But then, it was bound to happen…big handfuls of sand in the mouth. Here’s Casc below, post sand eating. Must have been tasty.


Happy as a little boy can be, and still running for the ocean. My parents have reminded me that I used to do the same thing when I was little.


Did you want to see that messy face? Here, let me help you.

Sandy Face

Ah, little boy. We’re going to have a fun summer.


  1. Mmmmm roughage! I hadn’t even thought of taking my little boy to the beach in winter, but why the hell not? These two look like they’re having a fantastic time.

    PS I discovered your blog recently when I was looking for homemade toys (I found your post on making a baby gym). I really like it, I’ll be coming back to read more.

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