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Another First: Portland Snow is Also Delicious

What a difference a week makes. A mere six days ago, we were introducing the boys to the ocean. It wasn’t “warm,” but it was sunny and pleasant.

Since Thursday, it has been snowing off and on in Portland. And practically the whole city shut down. It’s not that we are wimpy about snow. We just never get snow like this. The last time was in 2008, my first winter in Portland. There is no salt, very little sand, and only a few snow plows. Also, we have volcanic hills and a bunch of dumbass drivers that think they know how to drive in the snow. It’s smart to stay home.

We got about eight inches where we live, so far. The snow is still falling intermittently. We bundled up the boys in four or five layers and trudged outside. We used wool socks for mittens.


This was the first time they had touched snow. I’m not sure they knew what to make of it.


It was too deep for them to walk in, so they sort of crawled. Or swam. Sorta.


Cascadian seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit.


Loyal, maybe not so much. I swear, I have a photo in my baby book that looks just like this.


I think he liked it okay.


Casc would have been happy to stay out all day.


The first one to want to go back inside was Dave. So we went inside and sat on him.


Because that’s what Papas are for.


  1. Your boys are adorable! :)

  2. So cute! My daughter knows snow, but this was my little one’s first time. We tried to make him do a snow angel and he was just freaking out cus snow was lightly falling onto his face!

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