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Your Sister: Not As Cool As Mine

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I emailed my little sister this morning, complaining that I was hungry, but I couldn’t pick up breakfast because I’m broke. I spent my last $5 on a kinda crummy breakfast burrito yesterday. C’est la vie. I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I need to kick the nasty breakfast pastry habit.

Two hours later, I get a local delivery at my office of a giant sandwich, a giant salad with fixins. My sister ordered the delivery.

She emailed: “You have to eat.”

Doesn’t that kick fricken ass? My lil sis is da bomb, yo.


  1. I’ve been helping my little brother out with legal problems lately. Pro bono. Family discount.

    The least he could do is send me some stromboli.

  2. You’re lucky to have siblings, methinks. I’m an only child who always wanted an older brother.

  3. Lucky. My sister just sends me cameraphone photos of things happening at her workplace.

    Which is DISNEYWORLD.

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