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One Year Anniversary

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Today is the one year anniversary of I started writing this blog a year ago, when I was living on the Big Island of Hawaii.

A year ago, my “PLAN A,” which was to open a coffee shop with some friends, was beginning to unravel. Financing was not developing as we had foreseen, and my friends (a married couple) argued a lot. I could see the writing on the wall. Opening a coffee shop was not looking good. I needed to boogy.

PLAN B was to stay on the island, but find different work. However, actual “work,” that can actually support a “life,” is hard to find on the Big Island. There are many service jobs in Hawaii. But you need a Manhattan salary to live there comfortably. Or, you could live under a tarp on the beach. Some people do this and are quite happy. I would be afraid that a shark would eat my cat.

PLAN C was to move to Honolulu I had never been to Honolulu, but I had been told I would love it. It had more “city” than the Big Island and wages were slightly better. I liked the idea of Honolulu. I could have gone and enjoyed myself on Oahu. But I couldn’t imagine putting down roots so far from home. I was looking for a place for me to stay for years.

PLAN D was Portland, Oregon. PLAN E was Seattle, Washington. I had a brief flirtation with PLAN F, which would have been Albuquerque New Mexico, or even Santa Fe. PLAN X was to move back in with my parents in California.

I have a lot of plans. I like having contingency arrangements for when my ill-conceived world domination schemes fall apart. I have had my fair share of aimlessness, I am never at a complete loss for what to do next.

While I still had a little coffee shop money saved up, I planned a rush trip to Portland and Seattle, both cities I had never visited, for a Blood Sport Grunge Match Throw Down Extravaganza to see which city got to keep me. Seattle is really nice and I might be making more money if I had gone there.

But I guess you know who won.

Here is the first post on this blog. Thank you to all my friends and family who have kept with me for this crazy year. Thanks to the complete strangers who have welcomed me to their city. And thank you to all the people who read this blog. You are the wind beneath my wings, yo.


  1. Hi Heather, I’m living out your Plan F (in Albuquerque) and loving it…while I miss the greenness of Portland, I love the mountains, the amazing sky, and the friendly people here.

  2. I stumbled across your blog one day from odd todd’s website and I read the whole thing and have been reading since!
    I was living the life of a happy wanderer and would have been totally happy ending up under a tarp on a beach, but then I fell in love and got married and started law school, and bam! goodbye happy wandering lifestyle! Stupid love..
    So, here’s to your continued indecision and wandering- happy travels! Love your site!

  3. Well, I’m sure we’re all glad you ended up here. PDX is wayy better than any of those places (especially Shittle – yuck!). I had a friend who moved to Eugene from Maui and totally got agoraphobia and had to move back with her ‘rents on the island. I likely wouldn’t have an issue were I in her situation, however…

  4. Congrats on a fantastic year of adventuring and blogging!

  5. i like your style, girl. plans are good things! so is portland. one day, i will make good on the coffee meetup! soon, even!

    happy aminaversary, mile73!!

  6. Glad to have you here in our fine town.

  7. Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for having so many adventures over this last year, I always look forward to stopping by and seeing the latest. Here’s to year two!

  8. Aw. Thanks, everyone. I wuv U.

  9. Happy birthday to M73!


  10. Where you’ll be a year from now… hard to predict!

  11. Hi Heather!
    I thought I’d check in on your blog to see how you’re doing. Wow, it’s been a year already? Glad you’re having a great time there in Portland. Looking forward to reading some of the past and future blogs.. :)

  12. Congratulations! Your next beer will be on me. Luckily you executed this plan or else we would not have had that conversation on the plane. Thanks! -Rob

  13. Mazel tov! Is this where we sing “and many more”?

  14. Happy Blorthday!

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