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I was discussing the Portland blogging scene with my soon-to-be-roommate. We were talking about “A List” bloggers in Portland.

“I consider myself to be a B List blogger, I guess,” he said.

I said, “What am I, then? Omega List?”

“No, you’re probably C List, with occasional A Plus content.”

Huh. I guess someone is lucky we’re going to have separate bathrooms. Because that is just the kind of comment that might make me accidentally switch his right and left contacts lenses in their case.


  1. Is there an alphabet with more than 26 letters? Because I’d belong on THAT.

  2. Hey babe, you’re always A list in my book!

  3. Who are the A-list bloggers?

    Anyone who keeps me engaged with their writing is A-list in my book – and you are in my book!

  4. @dieselboi. I would say Jack Bog, and then there are those specialized blogs such as the Blazerblog, Get Rich Slowly, Portland Food and Drink, etc.

  5. @dieselboi. And I agree; Heather’s an A-list writer for sure. She deserves (and will probably eventually get) a much wider audience.

  6. You guys are moving in together? That’s just a sit-com waiting to happen.

    “Come and blog on our doooooor…”

  7. Congratulations on both historic occasions. A+ all the way!! Robbb is so right on…wow cant wait.

  8. you are so devious!!! switching his contact lenses… this is one of the many many reasons that i absolutely adore you. and why I compare every single blog I read to yours, and find most of them wanting. so there. you are A+ all the way baby!

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