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Help! Stranded in Maui!

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Quick! I’m running out of little umbrellas for my mai tais! Send help soon!

6:30 am

Sunrise at 6:30 in the morning. This was the view from my room at the resort where the airline put us up for the night. The ocean was 30 feet from my balcony. The flight from Maui to Kona was canceled, because the pilot called in “sick.” I guess that means he was actually “drunk.”

Resort Courtyrad

Above, the courtyard at the resort. It was a $500-a-night place. There were about 250 people on the plane.  So hotel, plus cab fare, plus meal vouchers, plus re-booked flights. I’m guessing it cost the airline $20,000 because they had no other pilots to fly the plane.


As nice as the hotel was, I was only there for 5 hours. We didn’t get in until 1 am and I woke up at 6 am.


Above, view from the airport.

Funny, I’m living on the Big Island, and I was all excited to spend a night in Maui. Like I’m on vacation. Exotic Maui! A whole 45 miles away!

So, I’m back now. I’m working on photos and a trip wrap-up page. And yes, an explanation as to why I’m leaving Hawaii.

So my IT department (Len) brought up a good point: My stats seem to be disconnected from my pages. So right now, the only way for me to know that someone is reading my angsty hotel check-in dramas are if you COMMENT.

It’s like? How fairies will die if children don’t clap their hands? Blogs are like that. A blogger dies every time you read and don’t comment. And if I die from lack of comments, I’m totally going to come back and haunt you. As a little annoying voice in your head that COMMENTS and WON’T SHUT UP.


  1. Wait! I think I have stayed there before! Is that The Grad Wailea on Maui? I LOVED that place.

  2. It was Maui Prince Hotel, in Wailea. Pretty nice. I should have taken a later flight, had a nice breakfast and hung out all day.

  3. Six. Six fairies die if children don’t clap. I’ve counted the little winged bodies. A grim task, that.


  4. comment

  5. no comment

  6. Just call me a fariy lover. Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound good.

  7. Wow, we never thought to threaten if people read but didn’t comment.
    What a brilliant way to get a whole bunch of crap comments!

  8. wow, see? Comments!!!!

  9. Wow! You guys are the best!

  10. where are all the cool photos from seattle and portland? how’s that for a comment…

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