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First Snow Of The Season

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First Snow of the Season from Mile73 on Vimeo.

This is the view from-my-soon-to-be-former apartment. This is why we didn’t move today. They shut down I-5 for a while! Chains or studs required on all metro freeways! It’s craziness!

And work is called off for tomorrow! I haven’t had a snow day in 10 years, bitches! Awesome!

Talk to me in 5 days, after a week of 20 degree days. I may not be so excited.


  1. Winter Wonderland.
    I’m still waiting for some real snow here in Boston.

    But next time: get some narration on that video!

  2. Totally not fair; I still had to get to work this morning. All of the buses have chains on, and I couldn’t find my hat this morning. My hat! Of all mornings to lose my hat…

  3. Do they think a nuclear bomb is going to go off? It’s snow, and not much of it. We have rain, and roads are flooded. But I’m sitting at work writing this.

  4. I’m critical to patient care.

    But I also may need to run up to the ER because my ankle is really hurting from when I fell.

  5. Sorry to hear about your ankle, Mary Sue. Booze will solve both problems, I think.

  6. I expect lots of blogging since you have nothing else to do today!

  7. It’s 28 degrees out! It’s 9:30 am! Kitty and I aren’t even out of bed yet! It’s glorious!

  8. I think they’d get mad at me if I was drinking while being, you know, critical to patient care and all.

    When TriMet finally deliveres my well-bundled butt home, though, that half bottle of red wine is fair game!

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