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I Went Outside

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My verdict: It’s cold. I bundled up in some cold weather clothes I’ve retained from the Boston era of my life. With sensible preparation, the cold is manageable.

But there is ICE everywhere. When the snow fell, it was wet and sticky. It soaked the streets and sidewalks, then began to stick. And with the overnight temperatures in the teens, the wet snow got packed and froze into ice.

I just walked to the grocery store, and all the slick sidewalks are lawsuits waiting to happen. I think I slipped a disk just looking at them. Some businesses used salt on their sidewalks and they were clear and dry.

Oregon doesn’t salt the roads. And there are hills. Volcanic hills. And in at least a few places in my neighborhood, the roads were glare ice. I saw at least one vehicle (with chains) sliding through an intersection. Then there are goofballs in SUVs or in other four wheel drive vehicles, without chains, blasting by as if it were August.

There’s a jackass attitude of scoffing at being careful in these conditions. As though NASCAR driving skills, or a fabulous-diamond-rocket car prevents one from having to worry about adverse road conditions. It’s like a false athleticism.

I like to drive. I sometimes get a pimply 16 year old’s joy from driving. And I have an all-wheel drive car. But I won’t drive in this. I have no need for showmanship in these conditions.

I could barely walk my ass to Trader Joe’s and back.


  1. I wish I had “Boston clothes”. I’m so cold.

    At least tonight I found the thick socks I bought during the last freeze in January or so. I might be able to save a toe or two now.

  2. Love the title. So perfect.

    This weather (i.e., Portland’s reaction to it) is great entertainment to me. I used to live in Wisconsin, where it isn’t called “snow” until it’s 10″, and Ohio, where kids ice skate before they can walk.

    I went outside today, too. Walked to Freddy’s for necessities. Should have stayed home and milked the neighbor’s cat.

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel! It’s like FIFTY-FIVE degrees down here in LA today! With, like, a THIRTY percent chance of rain!!! And the sun is like, not as bright as it usually is!! OMG! What is it, the freakin’ end of days?

  4. I spent forty minutes on SW 3rd and Alder waiting for the ‘frequent service’ 4 Division last night. I was chilled through; I hate to think about how cold the idjits who were waiting around bareheaded were.

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