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17th Snow Of The Season

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Goddamnit. In any other case, I would be totally happy to have all this snow. But today? Today, we’re supposed to be moving. Because we had postponed moving last weekend because it was snowing. The forecast for today had said this was supposed to be the only clear day all week. It’s been snowing off and on for the past six days.

I woke up at 6 am this morning, ready to pick up a truck. I looked outside and it was snowing. HARD. It wasn’t just dusting and melting. It was sticking around. It’s now mid afternoon and it hasn’t let up yet. It’s small powdery snow, which would be great for skiing. But it sucks my ass for goddamned moving!

So now I have to wait until after I get back from the holidays and move at the last possible minute. I’m sure there will be locusts.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but then I talked to my dad a little earlier. Yesterday, he was trying to get some Christmas decorations out of the rafters in the garage. Of course, when you have some quick little thing you need to get, and it is just out of reach, you find whatever is handy to stand on. Evidently, a little stool with wheels is not the best choice. My dad fell, he’s fine, but he chipped the bone in his ankle. He’s got to wear a cast for six weeks and has been told not to drive.

No driving for six weeks! It’s simply not possible! He drives 35 miles each way to get to work! In Los Angeles traffic! For now, he’s got a temporary cast until the swelling goes down. Then he gets a hard cast in a week. He’s hobbling around on crutches. And evidently, he’s sitting on the couch a lot, calling to my mom, and pointing to his mouth.

So after talking to my dad, I feel less sorry for myself and my moving predicament. And I felt much worse for my mom instead.


  1. 5:19 pm. Still snowing.

  2. Poor Daddy!
    I hope he heals quickly.
    I tell ya Heather….
    It’s karma….don’t move from that cute lil’place! All signs are pointing to staying put!!!!

  3. 11 pm. Still snowing. Probably eight to ten inches on the ground now.

    At this rate, Natika, I’ll never be able to get out of here.

  4. I’m all about a couple days of snow for fun and play, but now?


    Hubs is like a little schoolgirl, though, thinking he’s gonna get another day off work. Snow schmow.

  5. I feel bad about your moving day, but do love the natural phenomena that is taking place… you see we Oregonians have been teased often about pending snow, winter, not this week! How lucky you are to be in a storm of epic dimensions. Though you may be miserable, we Portlanders are very happy you are here, the city is a better place because of you!

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