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Snowmageddon 2008

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This is my car.


This is a street in my neighborhood.


Here is the best weather radar map we’ve found to see what is heading our way. It might warm up in time for me to catch a plane on Chrstmas Eve. Otherwise, I’m digging my car out and hitting the road. It’s only 1000 miles to my parent’s house.


  1. Planes, trains, and sleds! I put my foot down when it comes to you crossing the Siskyou’s! I live over the river so you can come hang with my 3 kids, husband and I. The other kids aren’t going to make it so there is plenty of prime rib and wine! Ya might want to bring some Xanax…kids get kind of loud.

  2. wow. that is some snow. I want snow!!!! then i would have an excuse not to drive to the bay area tomorrow…
    whatever you do, girl, be safe.

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